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relaxing massage, remedial massage, sports massage
Massage - Sports & Remedial 

Sports/Remedial Massage is a type of massage that is specifically designed to aid in injury recovery and correct imbalances caused by repetitive or strenuous physical activity or trauma. This form of massage typically involves medium to high intensity massage, including stretches and deep tissue techniques. It is suitable for most age groups, with the exception of children 13 and those over 80, depending on the case.

Sports/Remedial Massage is ideal for office workers, casual trainers, athletes, sportsmen, and individuals playing light sports, as well as pre- and post-game/exercise. The frequency of massage required depends on the level of activity intensity. A sedentary lifestyle may require massage every 4-6 weeks, while a moderate/active lifestyle may require massage every 2-3 weeks. For an athletic lifestyle, massage may be required every week or even every day, depending on the activity.

The benefits of Sports/Remedial Massage are numerous and include reducing aches and pains, inflammation, and muscle tension, as well as assisting with optimal posture, injury recovery, and increasing muscle flexibility and blood flow. It can also release endorphins, relieve muscle tension, prevent DOMs, and breakdown scar tissue.

Outdoor Training

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Reduction in inflammation

Muscle flexibility

Assists injury recovery

Optimal Posture

scar tissue breakdown

prevents DOMS

What are the benefits?

Osteopathy initial consultation plan


Initial Appointment

The initial consultation will last for an hour. 

You can expect:

  • Consultation form of an interview 

  • Physical Examination.

  • Chosen Form of massage

  • Advice & appropriate treatment plan


Follow up treatment

The second appointment will last for at least 30 minutes - one hour. Depending upon findings in initial appointment and wha

You can expect:

  • Treatment 

  • Any additional Advice

  • Some home exercises



Treatment will consist of 30 - 60 minutes Depending on your case. 

You can expect:

  • Follow up chat 

  • Massage of choice

  • Advice

The number of treatments will be determined as per protocol in inital consultation 

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