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Analyzing Scans

Research & Useful links

Relaxing at Home

Dr Perrin's Research Specialist diagnostic tool and treatment for CFS/ME. 

The results of Dr Perrin's nitial research can be found in the following peer reviewed papers:

1. Perrin R,N 1993 Chronic Fatigue syndrome, as review from the biomechanical perspective. Bristish Osteopathic Jounral; Vol xi. 

Link here

2. Perrin R,N 2005 The involement of Cerebrospinal fluid and lymphatic drainage in chronic fatugue syndrome 

Link here 

3. Perrin R, N 2007 Lymohatic drainage of the neuraxis in chronic fatigue syndrome: 

Link here

4..Perrin R N,  et al. 2017 Can physical assessment techniques aid diagnosis in people with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis? a diagnostic accuracy study

Link here

Cleaning Windows

Long Covid & Lymph drainage

1. Latest study: Reducing fatigue-related symptoms in Long Covid-19

Link here 

2. Dr Perrin and his colleagues at the University of Manchester alongside the University of Zurich, Switzerland have written a medical paper

Link here

Mother Daughter Portrait

 Manual Lymph drainage & hormones

1. Inoua & Marouka highlights the benefits to lymphatic massage and tissue healing. 

Link here

2. Reduction in pain and oedema in womens health following MLD 

Link here 

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